Covid memorial unveiled in Barnsley as figures show town is among worst hit

A memorial has been unveiled in Barnsley to pay a permanent tribute to loved ones who have died from Covid-19 and honour the sacrifices of the town’s key workers. 

It comes as figures show that a higher proportion of people have died with the virus in Barnsley than anywhere else in the UK, with death rates 75 percent higher than the national average. 

Dr Andrew Lee, a reader in Global Public Health at the University of Sheffield, has explained some of the reasons why Barnsley may have suffered these high figures.

The unveiling of the mural today (22 November) was well-supported by those who have been bereaved by Covid, who hope it will provide people with an important space of quiet reflection for many years to come.

Singer Janine Dyer performed at the event and joined others in paying their respects.

She said: “I think it’s great, it’s such a good idea. Even though we’re still in the thick of things at the moment, it’s just nice to have somewhere you can go and reflect and just remember. I’ve lost friends, and I know people who have lost parents or family members, and it’s just been constant for the last 18 to 20 months.”