GPs in South Yorkshire say they will struggle with booster jab push

GPs in South Yorkshire say that they won't be able to give Covid booster jabs to everyone by the end of January - despite the Government saying they must.

The British Medical Association says it's simply too much pressure on doctors at an already busy time of the year.

Some practices around the country have felt that they cannot continue to keep going with vaccinations at the rate they are that it is compromising their day to day care of patients and they just can't do it.

Now GPs have been given dispensation to stop doing some of the things they would normally do in practice in favour of giving the booster jab so that's things like health checks for the over 75 and some minor surgeries which can be delayed until 31 March.

It comes as a fresh push is made in Sheffield to get pregnant women to have the jab with one in five of the most critically ill coronavirus patients being unvaccinated expectant mothers.