Puppy found dumped in Doncaster finds 'furever' home in time for Christmas

After two weeks in the care of the Sheffield RSPCA, Coco has put on weight and is a much happier dog. Credit: RSPCA

A skinny puppy which the RSPCA believes was abandoned after becoming an unwanted lockdown pet has recovered enough to move to her forever home in time for Christmas.

The female Staffordshire Bull terrier-cross, now called Coco, was found abandoned in a cage outside a house in Almond Street, Balby, on 11 November.

Coco was found abandoned and severely underweight in a cage in Doncaster on 11 November. Credit: RSPCA

She wasn't microchipped, and was severely underweight with no muscle mass so was struggling to stand.

A vet who examined her said if she had been left much longer she wouldn't have survived.

But after two weeks in the care of the Sheffield RSPCA, she's put on around 3kg of weight and is a much happier dog.

Coco has transformed just two weeks after being taken in by the RSPCA. Credit: RSPCA

Now the bundle of energy has even more reason to be happy, as she's found her forever home which she will move into before Christmas.

Chief Inspector for South Yorkshire Lynsey Harris says the animal welfare charity is investigating to find the person responsible for abandoning Coco and is urging anyone with information to get in touch.

"We believe Coco was a lockdown puppy, bought at the start of the pandemic and abandoned when they realised they couldn't take care of her", she said.

“She was very underweight and under socialised as she may not have lived in a house before so the team at the branch have done a fantastic job in transforming her."

Abandonments have risen by around 20% this year compared to 2020, causing the charity to worry that soaring pet ownership during the pandemic could mean a surge of abandoned dogs and cats as people return to normal working life.

In a bid to combat this, it's launched its Christmas appeal to keep its rescue teams out on the road.

Dermot Murphy, Chief Inspectorate Officer, says: “After another exceptionally tough year, this Christmas, more than any, should be a time for joy and  togetherness. A time to be safe inside, loved and protected from the cold."