'I worry people will forget': Daughter's emotional plea two years after father's disappearance

The daughter of a man from Barnsley who's been missing for two years has made an emotional plea for any information which could help to locate her father.

Richard Dyson was 55-years-old when he went missing in November 2019.

Police officers have since been investigating the case and believe he may have been murdered.

On Thursday 16 December, they arrested two Barnsley men - one aged 46 and one 48 - on suspicion of murder.

They have since been released under investigation as enquiries continue.

Richard went missing in November 2019 Credit: SYP

They came after four arrests were made in March this year - three men aged 43, 51 and 68, all from Barnsley, and a 67-year-old man from Rotherham were all also arrested on suspicion of murder. They all remain released under investigation.

Speaking to ITV Calendar, Richard's daughter, Bethany, says she is worried people have forgotten that he's still missing.

She said: "Every day I continue to share the appeal on Facebook and social media because I just worry that people are going to forget that he's still missing. They might think he's been found or whatever.

"I just think it's so important to keep it out there that he is still missing and we are still looking for answers and it's my dad at the end of the day, he doesn't deserve to be missing for this long, because I don't think he would do this of his own accord."

Christmas Eve marks Richard's 58th birthday - the time of year he usually spends with his daughter, who says it's "awful" not having him around for yet another Christmas.

She said: "I'm his only child, so he always spent his Christmas with me. So to just know that another Christmas is going to go by and he's not here again, it's just awful."

Pictures of Richard at a petrol station at Birdwell near Barnsley are the last of him before he vanished.

Detectives are hoping that seeing the footage may trigger a memory for somebody who might know where he travelled to next.

He added: "If Richard is reading this, please come forward and let us know where you are.

"You will not be in trouble and you will be bringing such a huge piece of mind to your friends and family."

Anyone who may have information relating to Richard's disappearance is asked to call police on 101.

If you are looking for help or support regarding a missing person, get in touch with the Missing Persons charity.