Domestic abuse charities in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire urge those at risk to seek help at Christmas

  • Video report by Matt Price

Domestic abuse charities in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire are reminding those at risk that there is help and support on offer over the festive period, with a message that no one should suffer in silence.

Family and financial pressures can make December one of the most difficult times for those experiencing domestic abuse.

But a government campaign, targeting perpetrators of violence, won't run in time for Christmas, which support groups have described as a 'missed opportunity.'

Speaking to ITV News, one victim said: "It was always very controlled, he made the decisions on everything. There was always an atmosphere in the house. It was always very tense in the house. There wasn't a lot of joy.

"And as hard, dramatic and complicated as it's been since we're not together, the actual Christmas with me and the children is so much better."

There were almost 1.5million domestic abuse-related incidents and crimes in England and Wales in the year ending March 2021.

Ruth Davison, CEO of Refuge, says: "This Christmas we can see is already going to be stressful for many people, and if you are trapped at home with an abuser who is under extra pressure, it can be an incredibly dangerous time of year."

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