Humberside Police dog Roscoe makes a 'pawsome effort' to help tackle crime

Roscoe has been 'having a ball' helping to keep drugs off the streets this year. Credit: Humberside Police

There's been a four legged friend helping neighbourhood policing teams in Lincolnshire to reduce crime and take drugs off the streets this year.

Search dog Roscoe has been paramount in supporting officers in Scunthorpe in their work to tackle the supply and possession of drugs across communities.

He has supported targeted patrols, drugs warrants and stop searches - and helped to seize drugs and arrest those suspected of committing crimes.

Since he first came out with police teams in January 2021 there has been a total of: 

  • 300 people stopped and searched under section 23 of the misuse of drugs act

  • 18 arrests on suspicion of offences including robbery, possession of drugs with intent to supply and possession of a blade, among others.

  • 19 cannabis warnings issued

  • 10 youth offending referrals

  • Nine summons to court

  • Two traffic offence reports issued

Search dog Roscoe has been paramount in supporting officers in Scunthorpe in their work to tackle the supply and possession of drugs. Credit: Humberside Police

PC Lee Watson said: “Dogs are a fantastic asset to our teams as they have specialist skills that are invaluable during patrols, searches and warrants.

“Suspects often find inventive hiding places for things that they do not want us to find, such as drugs, weapons and  cash, and where it may take our teams some time to search every inch of a car or building, a dog can do it in minutes. 

“As part of our local Neighbourhood Policing activity we have been listening to feedback from our local communities and we understand their concerns around alcohol and drug related antisocial behaviour across the town centre.

“We recognise the impact this can cause and we are committed to taking proactive action - taking drugs off our streets and holding those responsible to account – keeping our communities safe.

“This work with search dog Roscoe is a great example of how we can work innovatively with partners and our local communities to take action against the issues they are telling us are causing them concern.

“I am already excited to see what we can achieve with support from our communities and Roscoe next year."