Runner causes 'seal stampede' on Yorkshire coast

Volunteers have called for people to respect coastal wildlife after video footage emerged of a runner causing a seal "stampede" on a North Yorkshire beach.

The Yorkshire Seal Group – who work to protect grey seal populations – posted footage which they say shows a man running down an embankment towards a group of animals near Robin Hood's Bay.

In a Facebook post, the group said the man had been approached by stewards, but had continued towards the seals.

They said: "He proceeded to the intertidal zone with haste, causing a severe stampede of over 100 resting seals, some of whom were pups and still maternally dependent."

The group said seal populations have already been badly affected by the impact of recent storms.

They added: "We ask all our supporters to share these sorts of posts to raise awareness as to the plight of our iconic seals."