Christmas drink driving cases in South Yorkshire fall by two thirds

Joanne Wehrle from South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership says the reduction is 'welcome news'.

The number of people caught drink driving in South Yorkshire fell by more than two thirds over the festive season, compared to the year before.

3.1% of people tested positive during the force's annual crackdown compared to 9.8% in 2020.

South Yorkshire Police said they were 'encouraged' and 'pleased' by the fall in numbers but said there is still room for improvement.

They also pointed out that the pandemic had an effect on the results because like last year there were fewer cars on the roads than normal.

Inspector Jason Booth, of the roads policing group, said: "This annual campaign is critical in highlighting the dangers of drink driving and how prevalent it can still be on our region's roads.

"While we are pleased to see the number of positive tests decreasing, the fact that even one takes place is too many. A drink driving incident so often ends in heartache and despair for one or more families, and we cannot rest on our laurels until these figures are driven right down.

"And we won't. Our officers both in the Operational Support Unit and across the force will continue to pro-actively crack down on this until no more lives are altered through injury or cut short through tragedy on South Yorkshire's roads.

"The results of our public survey showed that 79% (1,431 of 1,818 responders) of the public wanted us to carry out even more drink driving enforcement. We agree, and will continue to do all we can to combat this senseless and dangerous offence."