Moment car crashes into prestige car dealership after police chase

CCTV shows a VW Golf smashing into the car dealership after being chased by police

A prestige car dealership in Huddersfield says it suffered £250,000 of damage after a police chase ended with a huge crash that wrecked several high-end cars.

CCTV footage captured the moment a Volkswagen Golf, which was being pursued by police, lost control and smashed through ENKAE car dealership's fence in Crosland Moor.

The fence absorbed much of the impact, but some of its most expensive vehicles were damaged as a result of the collision.

They included a Mercedes worth about £80,000, an Audi RS5 worth roughly £72,000 and two Mercedes A45 AMGs worth about £60,000 each.

A quarter of a million pounds worth of damage was caused when the Volkswagen Golf smashed into high end cars

James Hodges, marketing and social media manager at ENKAE, says he is struggling to claim on his insurance after police closed their investigation into the crash.

The force said it carried out a "thorough investigation" during which two people were arrested and later released under investigation.

It added that a file was submitted to the Crown Prosecution Service but charges were not progressed due to "evidential issues".

Mr Hodges said: "The police have closed the case and are not releasing any more information. Our insurance has said that, as the case is now closed, they are not going to pay us out.

"We are in a difficult situation as a business because we have lost £250,000 in stock.

James Hodges from ENKAE Prestige says the crash has left them in a "difficult situation"

"Our insurance company is saying we have to wait for the police to give us the names of the people in the car and chase that information up.

"We're at a loss - what do we do with this?"

Despite the financial headache caused by the smash, James said the accident had become somewhat of a "marketing marvel".

"People have found out about us because of the accident," he said.