Fishermen scared for livelihoods as sea creatures disappear from Yorkshire coast

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Thousands of crustaceans have been found dead on beaches across North Yorkshire

Fishermen across Yorkshire fear they could be forced out of business after masses of dead sea creatures have been washed up on the shoreline.

Robert Harrison, from Filey in North Yorkshire, said he is scared for their livelihoods amid claims there "isn't a living thing" within three miles of the coast.

Dead crabs and rotting lobsters were littered across the coastline between Marske and Saltburn in October but now fishermen in Filey are experiencing a similar issue.

According to Mr Harrison, fishermen believe they have lost up to 40 miles of fishing along the coastline, as crabs and lobster have disappeared from the North Yorkshire coast.

Fishermen believe they have lost up to 40 miles of fishing along the coastline due to the unexplained deaths

He said: "Fishermen will be out of business. It will be a disaster, there will be no tourists or anything. The tourist industry will be knackered this summer.

"No shellfish in the sea, no crabs or lobsters, everything is dead for three miles out.

"Fishermen don't catch much at this time of year but there is hardly any stock left, it's a catastrophe."

There are now also warnings to pet owners to stay away from Yorkshire's beaches following concerns about dozens of dogs being taken ill after spending time on the coastline.