Warning after house fire started by e-scooter in Sheffield

A house fire started by a e-scooter in Sheffield
The incident happened after the e-scooter was left on charge Credit: South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service

Firefighters have issued a warning to owners of electric scooters after a house in Sheffield was badly damaged in a blaze started by a vehicle that was left on charge.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service posted pictures of the house and the charred remains of the e-scooter following the incident at Philadelphia Gardens, last Monday.

It is not thought anyone was injured in the incident, but the brigade said it should act as a warning about the potential dangers.

They urged people to ensure the correct charging equipment, saying: "If you have or use one of these, make sure you only use the correct charger - not a fake or cheap imitation."

Firefighters say people should ensure they use the correct charging equipment Credit: South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service

They also warned users to minimise the dangers by avoiding blocking "escape routes" while e-scooters are charging and not leaving them to charge while the house is empty or the occupants are asleep.

How to avoid an e-scooter fire

Manufacturers say most electric scooter fires result from battery failures, and experts say proper testing and safety standards should need to be put in place to help filter out poorly designed products.

But owners can minimise the risk in various ways:

  • Buying branded e-scooters and accessories, including chargers, from reputable sources

  • Avoiding overcharging an e-scooter, using the correct charger and not leaving an e-scooter unattended while it charges

  • Replacing the battery and electrical system regularly

  • Not using batteries that have been punctured, crashed, dropped or damaged

  • Keeping the e-scooter away from extreme temperatures, like out in the sun all day

  • Avoiding putting the scooter under excessive pressure