Drink drive arrests after police discover car on its roof in South Yorkshire

Police discovered the crashed car while they were on their way to another 999 call Credit: South Yorkshire Police

Police who were on their way to a suspected burglary in Sheffield had to stop after coming across a car on its roof following a crash involving an alleged drink driver.

The South Yorkshire Police operational support unit (OSU) posted pictures of the damaged Mazda on social media following the incident in the early hours of Sunday.

In a post on Facebook, the OSU said: "Sometimes we have to spend time dealing with other incidents, which can tie us up for a while.

"And sometimes these incidents are ones which could have been avoided – like this Mazda tonight.

Three people were arrested on suspicion of drink driving following the incident Credit: South Yorkshire Police

"Your roads policing team were travelling to Sheffield along the Dearne Valley Parkway to a report of a vehicle just having been stolen by means of a burglary, when we came across this.

"It hadn’t even been called in on 999 yet."

No-one was seriously injured, but three people were arrested on suspicion of drink driving.

The OSU said it was an example of the "avoidable" incidents which interrupt important police work.

"Drink driving kills," they said. "It can be avoided. Don’t drink and drive. Pretty simple really. Let us crack on with targeting those criminals which some repeatedly say we should be."