Seal pup found in Grimsby town centre was dumped there deliberately

Staff at a Lincolnshire animal sanctuary believe a baby seal that was found in Grimsby town centre last week had been deliberately removed from its home and dumped.

The pup, christened 'Oreo' by the Mablethorpe Seal Sanctuary, is believed to be just one-month-old and was discovered in the middle of Grimsby by police last Thursday.

Dennis Drew, who works at the sanctuary, said that it was likely that someone picked up the seal from the shoreline and brought him inland.

He said: "For this guy, he was obviously on the beach, someone possibly has picked him up thinking that they're doing the right thing and probably caused more harm than good.

"It's responsible, trained staff like us that can go out and assess the situation to see if he needs to be brought into our centres, otherwise it could be that he just wanted to be left alone to rest and then go into the ocean again."

Mr Drew added that Oreo was underweight for his age and that they would be trying to build him up so that he could be released.

He said that the distance the seal had travelled from the beach to where he was found without being spotted was not unheard of, but was very unlikely.

Oreo was very dehydrated when he was brought to the centre, but staff believe that he will be able to return to the sea eventually.

What should you do if you find a seal on the beach

The Mablethorpe Seal Sanctuary has given this advice to anyone who might come across a seal who they believe could be in distress:

  • Keep your distance

  • Put any dogs on a lead

  • Call a local seal sanctuary for assistance