Fine for 'Facebook' fly-tipper caught dumping rubbish in Richmond

Ben Tiller dumped waste including matresses and building materials in the countryside. Credit: North Yorkshire Police

A man who advertised a rubbish removal service on Facebook has been fined for fly-tipping.

Ben Tiller, from Richmond, “blighted his community” by illegally dumping the waste in the countryside.

Members of the public paid his company to take away their waste after responding to his advert on social media.

But rather than discarding the rubbish legally he dumped items – including furniture, a mattress, building materials and carpets – in rural areas.

Ben Tiller advertised his rubbish removal service on Facebook Credit: North Yorkshire Police

An investigation was launched after documents found by a PCSO were linked to an address in Harrogate.

The trail led back to Tiller, who was charged with two counts of fly-tipping.

His accomplice, David Argyle, 37, from Thirsk, was also charged with one count of fly-tipping at Gallowfields Trading Estate in Richmond.

Both pleaded guilty at Harrogate Magistrates Court.

Tiller was ordered to pay an £800 fine and £700 in costs. Argle was fined £300 with £700 costs.

Richmondshire District Council prosecuted Tiller, who was charged with two counts of fly-tipping. Credit: North Yorkshire Police

After the hearing, PC Tony Kent from the Safer Richmondshire Hub, who investigated the offences for North Yorkshire Police, said: "Tiller’s 'Rubbish Removal Service' certainly was rubbish, and it was also illegal.

"He blighted his own community and tarnished the countryside by dumping large amounts of mixed waste wherever he felt like it.

"It should mark the end of this shoddy and illegal operation as well as sending out a clear message to other fly-tippers that there will be consequences to their actions."

Councillor Helen Grant, from Richmond District Council, said they were pleased with the outcome of the court case.

She added: "We take this type of environmental vandalism very seriously and will do all we can, in partnership with our partners, to put a stop to it."

Paying someone to dispose of rubbish? Here are three tips:

  • Always check the collectors are licensed and ask where the waste will be disposed.

  • Rogue traders often advertise on social media alongside legitimate businesses, so check credentials carefully. They may be cheaper but there’s a reason for this. You are ultimately responsible for ensuring your waste is disposed of correctly.

  • Take photos of waste prior to disposal and details of who has collected it.