Vulnerable man feigned black-out to end 'horrific assault' by Doncaster robbers

Doncaster robbers Kimberley Sheerin and Jonathan Burns
Jonathan Burns and Kimberley Sheerin left their victim needing hospital treatment Credit: South Yorkshire Police

A vulnerable man had to fake a black-out to stop a "horrific assault" by robbers at his home in Doncaster.

Sheffield Crown Court heard how Jonathan Burns and Kimberley Sheerin got into the man's house in Cedar Road, Balby, on 21 December, 2020.

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said: "Once inside, Sheerin and Burns demanded money, threatened him with violence and subjected him to a horrific assault which they only stopped when he pretended to fall unconscious."

The pair stole £60 from their victim's wallet before escaping.The victim suffered badly bruised eyes, cuts to his ear and bruising to his face and ribs that required hospital treatment.

Sheerin, 34, of Balby Road, admitted robbery and was jailed for nine years.

Burns, 40, of Harewood Avenue, was given a 15-year sentence.Temporary Det Sgt Andrew Jones, who led the investigation, said: "Their victim has vulnerabilities which meant he was not able to defend himself against them - they completely abused his trust. Their actions were absolutely deplorable."I want to thank the victim for reporting what happened to him, thanks to his report we were able to swiftly detain these two dangerous individuals and bring them to justice."