Picture of 'Boris Johnson' roundabout in Halifax goes viral

The portrait has a nose which stretches a quarter of the way around the roundabout Credit: Bradford South Queensbury Wyke Woodside Wibsey/Facebook

A roundabout near Halifax which has been adapted to include a caricature of what appears to be Boris Johnson with a freakishly long nose has become a viral hit on social media.

An unknown artist installed a portrait on the roundabout in Shelf, between Bradford and Halifax, with a nose stretching about a quarter of the way around its circumference.

It doesn't appear to state explicitly who the painting is meant to depict.

But many on social media have interpreted it as an image of the Prime Minister.

Many believe it is a comment on Mr Johnson's much-discussed relationship with the truth, with some likening it to the character Pinocchio.

Images of the roundabout have now been shared tens of thousands of times on social media.