Topsey turvey: The cat that invaded the Hillsborough pitch seven months after it went missing

A pet that was christened the "Hillsborough cat" after it ran onto Sheffield Wednesday's pitch during a match has been identified as Topsey, who has been missing from home for seven months.

The fast-moving feline stopped play before being carried off the pitch by Wigan Athletic's Jason Kerr in the 94th minute of their game against Wednesday last night (8 February).

Owner Alison Jubb, from Sheffield, was contacted by the vets after they checked Topsey's microchip.

And she has now revealed her pet had been missing since she escaped from a cat box on the way to a cattery last June.

After making posters and using social media to try and find her, Alison lost all hope that she would see her four-legged friend again.

That was until she received a call from her daughter-in-law.

Alison said: "My daughter-in-law rang me last night and said, 'are you watching the football match?'

"I said 'no', and she said 'there's a cat that ran on the football pitch and it just looks like Topsey' and I sort of laughed it off because I thought it won't be.

Topsey was making herself known on the pitch Credit: PA Images

"Then this morning I got a phone call from the vet to say that they'd got her because she's chipped."

Topsey is having an x-ray after some marks were found on her neck, but her vets say her blood results have come back "satisfactory."

Alison has thanked the footballers and staff at the vet's for being gentle with her pet.

"Everybody has been brilliant, – my phone's not stopped all day, it's amazing," she said.

"And the players, I'd just like to say 'thank you' for being so gentle and kind with her and everybody who looked after her last night because they've all been so nice with her and that's lovely."