Drone footage shows huge damage to Halifax school ravaged by fire

Katie Oscroft reports a Halifax primary school devastated by fire last week.

Four classrooms at Ash Green Community Primary in Mixenden were destroyed in the blaze.

Assistant head Kelly Coady said: "I taught in one of those classrooms for nine years. I had so many items in there of sentimental value, lots of things I brought in from home,  things that I wanted to share with the children."

The school aims to reopen to pupils on February 25th and there are plans to build a bigger and better school on the site.

Mrs Coady said : "We're astounded by the progress that's been made so far, and we're so thankful for the people we have inside that building, we've got electricians, we've got plumbers, we've got cleaners who are all making this a safe place. But we want to make it bigger. We want to make it better. We want to make it a centre of excellence to the local community because that's what they deserve."

Volunteers from Holy Nativity Church in Mixenden have been handing out donated food parcels to families of pupils now being taught at home.

The fire has closed the school's upper site but some of its younger pupils are still being taught at the lower site which was unaffected. Thousands of pounds has already been raised to help the school rebuild the classrooms.