Fugitive sex offender Paul Robson arrested in Skegness

Paul Robson walked out of HMP North Sea Camp on Sunday Credit: Lincolnshire Police

Sex offender Paul Robson has been arrested four days after he walked out of an open prison in Lincolnshire.

The 56-year-old sparked a major manhunt after he left HMP North Sea Camp, in Boston, on Sunday.

Lincolnshire Police said he was arrested in Skegness this morning.

Chief Supt Kate Anderson said: “We are pleased to report that we have arrested Paul Robson.

"We are grateful to members of the public for their help and support in sharing our appeals and we’d also like to give thanks to everyone who have called in with potential sightings of him.

"We’d also like to extend our thanks to partner agencies and our officers for working tirelessly to apprehend Robson."

Robson was serving a life sentence for attempted rape and indecent assault.

He was described as a "particular danger to women and young children".

His escape raised questions about why he was being held in a minimum security prison.

The Ministry of Justice previously said he would not be returned to open prison once he had been arrested.