Wheelchair-bound dog loves nothing more than running into Cleethorpes sea

Rio had the wheelchair specially designed after he became paralysed from the waist down. Credit: _rio_thefrenchie_/Instagram

A French Bulldog, who is paralysed from the waist down, loves nothing more than using his wheelchair to run into the sea at Cleethorpes beach.

Rio, 4, was diagnosed with Stage 5 Intervertebral Disc Disease last year which left him in agony.

He had to have emergency surgery to help relieve the pain which was unsuccessful and left him paralysed.

It means he will never recover movement in his back legs and will never be able to control his bowel and bladder.

Credit: _rio_thefrenchie_/Instagram

The disabled dog has required thousands of pounds in ongoing veterinary bills, which led his owner to start a Go Fund Me page to seek help.

Ella Ford, 26, from Sheffield, said: "I remember Rio woke up at around 2am back in August and he couldn't move his back legs.

"Before that, he was perfectly fine and healthy. But I knew straight away something was wrong with him.

"All I remember is that he was in a lot of pain and needed specialist treatment straight away."

He was designed a wheelchair in October to help him go for walks to his favourite destination.

Ella said: "Rio absolutely loves his visits to Cleethorpes. He always has done but especially more now he has wheels. He even loves going in the sea which is amazing."

Rio even has his own Instagram page which documents his journey since the injury.