'Dangerous' convicted murderer who robbed pensioner in East Yorkshire jailed

William Kerr attacked and robbed the man whilst being sought for breaching the terms of his licence. Credit: MEN Media

A convicted murderer who robbed a 76-year-old man while on licence has been jailed for more than 14 years at Hull Crown Court.

William Kerr, 60, from Bridlington, confronted an elderly man in his own home on 23 June 2021, at one point holding a knife to his throat.

At the time, Kerr was wanted by police for breaching the terms of his life licence - he had been jailed in 1998 for the murder of Maureen Comfort, 43, in December 1995.

Now, he's been convicted of robbery and jailed for 14 years and four months.

Kerr had approached the victim's address asking to be fed, before tying the man up and leaving him on his knees.

Kerr stole precious jewellery from his elderly victim including a wedding ring of high sentimental value that belonged to the victim's wife, who had died of cancer.

Victim left feeling "powerless and vulnerable"

Trainee Detective Constable Caitlin Wright said: “I want to thank the victim for his strength throughout the judicial process.

"I know it wasn’t easy for him and the effects of that evening will be long-lasting.

"However, I hope the knowledge that Kerr is back in prison will offer some comfort to the victim.

"The aftermath of this terrible offence left the victim fearing for his life.

"He would frequently have flashbacks of this dangerous man coming back into his property and genuinely thought he was going to die.

"He was left feeling powerless and vulnerable."

Kerr was released on licence in August 2020, but at the time of the robbery his licence had been revoked due to his behaviour and he was being sought by police.

He had originally been released on licence in 2015 before absconding from his accommodation and being sent back to jail.