Couple from Hull demand refund for Blackpool gig because 'war in Ukraine makes it unsafe to travel'

A couple from Hull is reported to have requested a refund for a comedy gig in Blackpool because "the events in Russia and Ukraine" mean "it is not safe to travel from Hull."

In a message tweeted by Blackpool Comedy Club, the couple said they had called and demanded a refund, only to be told by a box office staff member this was not possible, but they could choose to come another night instead.

"I DO NOT want that because I don't know how long this will go on for," the customer said.

"He showed me so called terms and conditions - which I did not read when I booked the tickets a few weeks ago like nobody does and nowhere in them does it say anything about no refunds FOR A WAR."

Staff at the comedy club said the couple has gone on to message them a further 17 times.

They shared a reply to the couple which read: "You are not entitled to a refund, simply because you live nearer to Russia than we do."

A full scale invasion was launched in Ukraine on Thursday morning after orders from President Vladimir Putin.

Citizens have been fleeing the country in terror while the Ukrainian president revealed his family had gone into hiding.