Bradford-based supermarket chain Morrisons bans sale of Russian vodka

Morrisons vodka PA
Morrisons said it was de-listing Russian Standard vodka Credit: PA

The Bradford-based supermarket chain Morrisons is pulling Russian-made vodka from its shelves in response to the country's invasion of Ukraine.

The supermarket chain has said it would de-list the Russian Standard brand of the drink.

A spokesperson said: "We have taken action on our vodka lines including de-listing Russian Standard. The product is longer available on our website and no further stock will be bought."

It follows a similar move by the Co-op.

A spokesperson for the Co-op said: "In response to the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces and as a sign of solidarity with the people of Ukraine we've taken the decision to remove from sale Russian-made vodka."

They said the action was taken as the brand was "overtly marketed as being Russian" and is produced in the country.