'Fat' footballers team up to help people suffering from food poverty in Sheffield

Sheffield and Wakefield fat footballers create a food bank in Sheffield S6
Man v Fat players drop off their donations. Credit: Man v Fat

A self-professed 'fat' football team have joined forces with a Sheffield food bank to support their work in the city.

The Man v Fat clubs at Sheffield and Wakefield are working to boost supplies at S6 food bank on Gilpin Street.

Part of a nationwide initiative, Man v Fat helps men with a BMI of 27.5 or over lose weight and access physical and mental support.

Creating communities and helping those suffering from eating disorders and mental health struggles, there are weekly games and weigh ins on top of nutrition sessions.

Now they will work with S6 food bank, who help families across Sheffield, to collect most needed items such as tinned food, cereal and toilet roll.

S6 food banks communications manager Alison Wise said: "In March 2020 we were supporting around 150 people a week. Two years later... that number is around 1200 people a week."

Between April and September 2021, S6 distributed over 20,000 emergency food parcels in Sheffield with 8505 going to children.

Man v Fat player Guy Bell said: "We just wanted to do a bit more...we're trying to lose weight, we've over indulged...you realise that you're spending this much on takeaways and there's people that can't even fill their cupboards."

Man v Fat football sessions take place at St George's Park in Sheffield on Tuesdays and at Aspire at the Park in Wakefield on Fridays.

Food bank collections currently take place on those days between 7.30pm and 9pm, while more are planned on match days in the Yorkshire-wide Man v Fat league.