West Yorkshire aid for Ukrainian refugees arrives in Poland

A lorry load of aid from Keighley arrives in Lewin Brzeski

Two lorries from West Yorkshire carrying much-needed aid for Ukrainian refugees have arrived in Poland.

The cargo of medical supplies, clothes, nappies and toiletries was donated to the Good Shepherd Centre in Keighley.

ITV News Calendar was in the town of Lewin Brzeski to see the aid arrive as it was unloaded into a local gym.

Aid for refugees was unpacked into a gym in Lewin Brzeski

The relief effort was organised by Alex Marcincowska, who is from Poland but now lives in Bradford.

She said: "It's very special. We had over 200 people involved in making this happen, it's a big thing. And finally it is here, we can breathe."

Alex Marcincowska from Bradford has been organising the aid effort

The deputy mayor of Lewin Brzeski thanked the people of West Yorkshire for their generosity.

Dariusz Slezak said: "We are very grateful for the English people who are collecting gifts for refugees from Ukraine.

"I think they need everything for that moment because some of them bring only one bag with them and they need everything."

  • The Deputy Mayor of Lewin Brzeski has thanked the people of West Yorkshire for their generosity.

Lewin Brzeski already has refugees from Ukraine and is preparing to accept more, even though it is 300 miles from the border.

  • Taisa Moisiienko fled the war in Ukraine with her family. She's been speaking to Katie Oscroft.

Taisa Moisiienko came with 12 members of her extended family from Kyiv in Ukraine.

She said: "Some bad men from Russia they attacked us with tanks, it's really dangerous. Now we are here and It's very good, thank you very much all the people who have helped us and the people from my country."

Two more lorry loads of aid are due to arrive later this week.