Yorkshire company turning army trucks into ambulances for frontline medics in Ukraine

A Goole and Brighouse-based emergency vehicle manufacturer is building military grade ambulances to be deployed to Ukraine.

The country’s embassy contacted the Venari Group in March to ask for assistance in making the vehicles to support medics working on the frontline.

CEO, Oliver North, says his team have been "working 24 hours a day" to strip out and modernise former British army trucks.

“When we got the call, we jumped into action immediately", he said.

"Our team have been relentless and tireless in their efforts, knowing that each vehicle completion will play a part in saving lives.

"And as many of us are former military personnel, we feel like we’re operating in a very familiar arena.

“Although many of us are subsequently spending little or no time at home at the moment, we’re well aware that our sacrifices don’t even come close to those made by the Ukrainian people, so we’re genuinely humbled to be able to play our part.”

The vehicles are being built from former British army trucks and will be sent to the country later this week.

Ukraine is currently losing ambulances at a rate of 10 per day, so the vehicles are designed to carry a greater number of casualties.

With all-terrain capability, the ambulances will also allow medical teams to treat people who they may not otherwise be able to reach.

The Ukrainian Ambassador for the UK, Vadym Prystaiko, paid a visit to the Venari Group factory in Goole to thank the team for their hard work.

Mr Prystaiko said: "We have to have something which will allow us to evacuate people. That’s why we need these armored vehicles.

"These great people who are working right now here, we didn’t know how enthusiast they were to help us.

"You can see all the Ukrainian flags here around the workplace and that is just great. Even the atmosphere is great. We are so thankful."

The custom-made vehicles are expected to be shipped to Ukraine by Friday.