Lincolnshire farmers warn that milk prices could rise by up to 50%

ITV News reporter Emma Hayward reports from Lincolnshire, where she heard farmers worries about the rising cost of a pint of milk.

Lincolnshire farmers are warning that the price of milk and other dairy products could rise sharply in the coming weeks as production costs soar.

Four pints of milk could rise from £1.15 to between £1.60 and £1.70, while a pack of butter could rise by over 20%.

A local dairy farmer for nearly half a century, Michael Davenport believes the industry is being hit from all angles.

He said: "Labour costs have gone up this last year, fuel costs have risen...fertiliser was £240 a tonne, this year it's well over £900."

One saving grace for Michael's business could be diversification, branching out into award-winning cheese production.

With production costs set to rise on all dairy products, farmers relationships with supermarkets are key in the price we pay at the shops.

The Commercial Director for Fresh Food at Tesco told ITV News: "At a challenging time for the agriculture sector in the UK, we're pleased to be offering our dairy farmers a significant increase in the price we pay for our fresh milk."

Dairy Herd manager Dirk Simpson believes that some farmers may struggle to foot the cost of increased bills. He said: "The way prices are going now there's going to be a lot more people that can't cope with it."