Damage to trees in Grimsby park blamed on owners training 'weapon dogs'

Owners are thought to be encouraging their dogs to use trees to strengthen their jaws. Credit: MEN Media

Damage to trees in a park in Grimsby is being blamed on people training "weapon" dogs.

The local council says it is likely that the dogs have been encouraged to strip bark from trees in Grant Thorold Park to strengthen their jaws. A North East Lincolnshire Council spokesperson said: "Our parks are intended to be beautiful spaces for everyone to enjoy.

"Sadly, we have recently investigated reports of several trees in Grant Thorold Park showing signs of deliberate damage, which we believe has been caused by 'status' or 'weapon' dogs."

The damage exposes the trees to disease, the council said. Credit: MEN Media

The council said the damage means the trees are exposed to decay and disease.

In some cases they can become unstable and have to be removed.The spokesperson said: "We’re also concerned about the danger that these dogs may pose to other people if they get loose in the park.

"The damage caused to these trees is vandalism, and therefore this has been reported to the police. Perpetrators will be prosecuted."

They said anyone who witnesses an act of vandalism should call police via 101.