Archbishop of York says 'lessons need to be learnt' from war in Ukraine

The Archbishop of York has used his Easter message to show support for the people of Ukraine.

Speaking to ITV News, Stephen Cottrell said peace in Europe had been "taken for granted" and that lessons from Russia's invasion of Ukraine "must be learned".

He called for international aid and bonds to be strengthened to try and isolate Russia and bring an end to the conflict.

"I never believed we would ever have things like this happening in Europe again in my lifetime.

"I have to say, maybe we have taken peace for granted and that's something we need to learn from quickly, that peace is something that you need to make and commit to.

"This war is evil, it's a horror and there are thousands upon thousands of innocent men, women and children who are suffering as a result of it.

"The whole world cries out but as a Christian I also believe that we can in the midst of this find a message of hope because again we can see that death violence prejudice they do not have the last word and they will not have the last word in this terrible conflict."