More than 450 spiking cases closed without charge in West Yorkshire in 2021

Data from West Yorkshire Police has revealed no one was charged with offences related to spiking in 2021.

Of the 501 reports of suspected spiking, no has been charged, one person was cautioned, 46 investigations are ongoing but 399 have been closed.

There has been rising concern over an increase in spiking incidents over the last year after reports of spiking by injection.

Campaigners say the number of reported attacks is probably a fraction of the true figure, because many victims choose not to make a formal complaint to the police, fearing their allegation will not be treated seriously.

West Yorkshire Police said spiking can take place in a variety of settings but "this kind of offending in the nighttime economy has of course come to prominence as part of the widerdebate around violence against women.

They added: "The issue of women’s safety is rightly a key national and local issue and we do understand the genuine safety concerns that women have."

The force said it is working closely with the NHS and local authorities to better understand offending, including spiking by injection, and pursue available investigative opportunities.

However data shows that so far in 2022, out of the 229 suspected spiking cases reported, no one has been charged.