Car submerged by sea after getting stuck at Cleethorpes beach

Car submerged in sea at Cleethorpes
The car became stuck after the wheels sank in soft mud. Credit: Grimsby Live/MEN MEDIA

A car was submerged by the sea after becoming stranded on a beach on the Lincolnshire coast.

It is understood the 4x4 was pulling a jet ski before it became stuck in the sand at Cleethorpes as the tide started coming in. 

After being spotted by the Cleethorpes resort manager, Scott Snowden, two men were brought to safety.

He said the men, who were from Scunthorpe, were visiting Cleethorpes for this first time and had hoped to launch the jet ski from the beach.

The car's wheels sank in soft mud as the tide started to come in Credit: Grimsby Live/MEN MEDIA

Mr Snowden said the beach was not suitable for vehicles due to its soft sand.

"It is boulder clay under the sand, it is difficult once you get stuck," he said. "We tried to assist with the removal, but the tide came in and the car is going to be covered.

"It is deeply disappointing that with the fuel and the materials in the car, there is a risk to the environment and our area of Site of Special Scientific Interest. But this is the consequence of not thinking before acting.''