Eight-year-old with rare heart condition fulfils Ghostbusters dream in Leeds

George Hinkins led a team of ghostbusters around Leeds city centre Credit: PA

An eight-year-old boy with only half a working heart was gifted his very own proton pack for "the best day of his life" as a Ghostbuster in Leeds.

George Hinkins was driven with a police escort from his home in Harrogate, given a guard of honour and met the Lord Mayor before eradicating the streets of ghouls.

The Ghostbusters superfan receives regular treatment at Leeds Children's Hospital for a rare heart condition called Ebstein’s Anomaly, meaning that only half of his heart functions properly.

His mission started with a message from the stars of his favourite film, such as Ernie Hudson, Logan Ki, Celeste O’Connor and Dan Ackroyd, who bestowed on him the title of Cadette Supervisor.

Ghostbuster George taking control in Leeds Central Library Credit: PA

Part of Leeds Central Library was transformed into a haunted house for George to enter in his new role.

George, who has undergone three open heart surgeries and has more to come, said: "When I first watched Ghostbusters, it turned my whole life upside down and made me completely happy!

"When I’m in hospital, it’s a bit scary, but just like the Ghostbusters I try to face my fears. I try to be brave."

Wanting to share the occasion with others, George took the famous Ecto-1 vehicle to Leeds Children's Hospital to meet other patients.

George Hinkins hitched a ride with the East Midlands Ghostbusters cosplay group Credit: Make-A-Wish® UK

His father Matthew knows just how important the film is to George. He said: "Watching them be brave in scary situations, getting through tough times – he equates that with his own experience."

His mother Jane added: "Everything he does is a little bit harder than it is for somebody else - with only half his heart. Today has given him so much confidence."

George chose his wish in early 2020 Credit: Make-A-Wish® UK

On top of a blue-light escort, West Yorkshire Police sent George a poem with the final two lines reading: "So if there's something strange in the neighbourhood, it's George and the neighbourhood who will do the most good."

Upon completion of his successful mission as cadette supervisor, George said: "Thank you very much. I've had the best day of my life."