Goole MP receives surprise video call of thanks from Klitschko brothers

MP Andrew Percy on WhatsApp video call with identical twins Kviv mayor Vitali Klitschko (on right) and brother Wladimir (on left). Credit: MP Andrew Percy

The mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko, has thanked the people of Goole for supporting war-torn Ukraine in a surprise video call to the area's MP.

Brigg and Goole MP, Andrew Percy, said he was weeding his garden when he was called by Mr Klitschko and his brother, Wladimir.

The former heavyweight boxing stars wanted to thank the people of Goole for sending medical aid and ambulances to help Ukraine's defence against Russia's invasion.

In a post on Facebook, Mr Percy wrote: "The Mayor said how moved he was by the support from the UK and how Goole's ambulances are helping to save lives at the front.

"He also assured me he would be reaching out to the factory again to personally say thanks.

Millitary grade ambulances made in Goole were sent to Ukraine in April. Credit: ITV News

"I was a bit ill prepared and a bit muddy and sweaty from gardening but I did my best to say how honoured we are as a community to be building these ambulances and how amazing the whole team at the factory have been."

The call came after Goole-based emergency vehicle manufacturer Venari Group set out to build military grade ambulances to be deployed to Ukraine.

The vehicles, which are all-terrain, were shipped to the country in April.

Mr Percy added: "I really hope one day we can welcome Vitali to the town."