Elton John collaborates with Leeds band Yard Act on rework of 100% Endurance

Elton John with Yard Act in the recording studio. Credit: Yard Act

Sir Elton John has joined forces with Leeds rock band Yard Act in a surprise collaboration.

The band announced on Twitter that the music legend had joined them to rework their singe 100% Endurance. They wrote: "We asked Elton if he fancied collaborating and his response word-for-word was "Abso-***ing-lutely".

Releasing a video of the collaboration, the band added: "What is going on? What an honour."

100% Endurance is the latest single from Yard Act's debut album The Overload, released in January.

A fan of the band, Sir Elton spent the day with them at a recording studio in London, adding piano and backing vocals to a create a new version of the single.

Elton John had been a fan of the band before agreeing to the collaboration. Credit: The Yard

In a follow-up tweet, the band described the studio session as a success.

They said: "We spent the day working together and getting to know each other and exploring where our songwriting could go, culminating in a brand new recording with a new arrangement and new @eltonofficial lyrics for verse 2."

Sir Elton has championed Yard Act, saying on his own music show, Rocket Hour, in January that he would "love to catch up" with them in person.

The band's lead vocalist, James Smith, spoke about the collaboration, saying: "Elton John saw our stuff and he started telling the press he thought we were good.

"Then we chatted on the phone and after a few calls I said ‘Elton, do you want to come to the studio and play piano on a tune?’ because it doesn't matter if he says no.

"Anyway, he said ‘yes’...I don't know what else to say. He's brilliant. Switched on, hilarious and an amazing musician."

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