Sebastian Kalinowski: Killer Stepfather tells murder trial he's no 'monster'

 Sebastian Kalinowski/Andrezej Latoszewski
Sebastian Kalinowski was repeatedly attacked by Andrezej Latoszewski.

A man who has admitted killing his teenage stepson after a succession of physical assaults over several weeks has told a court he should not be portrayed as "some sort of monster".

Andrezej Latoszewski, 36, has pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of 15-year-old Sebastian Kalinowski, who died at his home in Huddersfield in August last year.

But he remains on trial at Leeds Crown Court charged with murder, along with Sebastian's mother, Agnieszka Kalinowska, 35. Kalinowska has admitted child cruelty, but both deny murder.

The court has heard how Sebastian died from complications caused by multiple untreated rib fractures inflicted.

The jury has been shown extensive footage taken from CCTV installed in the family's home on Leeds Road showing Sebastian being repeatedly punched, kicked and beaten with weapons including a bed slat and an extension cable.

The teenager was often made to perform "drills", including hundreds of press-ups and sit-ups, as punishment, even when he was physically weak, the court has heard.

The prosecution say his treatment amounted to a form of "torture". He was found dead by emergency services on 13 August last year.

Taking the stand for a second day in his defence, Latoszewski was questioned by Marie Spenwyn, acting for Kalinowska.

'Please don't try to portray me as a monster'

She asked whether his violence initially started with abuse towards his partner before turning to Sebastian.

Latoszewski said: "It's upsetting me to hear you say that and please don't try to portray me as some sort of a monster. Up until now I was a really good person."

Credit: ITV News

He was asked if it was correct that footage appeared to show him laughing while "assaulting or interrogating" Sebastian.

He replied: "Yes and if I didn't know myself the way I do, having seen the footage, I would have thought exactly the same. But then it was just a way of demonstrating to him a different sort of person, like you're trying to make me a bad person, but the ultimate aim was to make him listen."

Ms Spenwyn asked if he convinced Kalinowska to carry out the punishments on Sebastian.

Latoszewski said: "I would never convince her to do anything she could think for herself. We were actually in agreement, we just didn't really know what else to do and we lacked experience and I wouldn't want to offend Sebastian. However, he was a difficult child who had been through a lot."

Sebastian, who was originally from Poland, attended North Huddersfield Trust school, where he was described as a "model pupil", the court has heard.

But, the court has been told, his mother and step-father claimed he needed punishment for lying and playing truant from school.

The trial continues.