Sebastian Kalinowski: Mother Agnieska Kalinowska takes stand in murder trial

Sebastian Kalinowski/Agnieska Kalinowska
Agnieska Kalinowska told the court she 'failed as a mother' in her responsibility to son Sebastian.

A mother jointly accused with her partner of murdering her teenage son has told a jury that she "should have died instead of him".

Sebastian Kalinowski, 15, died from complications caused by untreated rib fractures at his home on Leeds Road, Huddersfield, on 13 August last year.

He had suffered multiple assaults over the course of several weeks at the hands of his mother Agnieska Kalinowska, 35, and stepfather, Andrzej Latoszewski.

She has already admitted child cruelty, but denies causing or allowing the death of a child. Latoszewski, 36, has pleaded guilty to manslaughter. Both defendants deny murder.

Andrzej Latoszewski and Agnieska Kalinowska are both accused of murder.

'I was petrified and scared'

Taking the stand at Leeds Crown Court, Kalinowska told the jury she was "petrified and scared" of Latoszewski, and that it was a "controlling relationship".

Speaking through a Polish interpreter, Kalinowska told the court she had not pleaded guilty to manslaughter because she did not cause any of his rib injuries and did not want Latoszewski to break her son's ribs.

Asked by her barrister Leonard Smith QC why she was cruel to Sebastian, Kalinowska said: "Because I listened to Andrzej's words."

Andrzej Latoszewski

Asked why she watched her partner "inflict the most savage beatings on your own son" without intervening, she replied: "Because I was petrified and scared."

When Mr Smith said she was thinking of herself instead of her son, she said: "Yes. He was just an ordinary teenager. I failed as a mother. I should have died instead of him."

The court has heard Sebastian was subjected to weeks of "cruel assaults and abuse", during which he was repeatedly punched, kicked and stamped. He was beaten with a bed slat, whipped with an extension cable and forced to perform "humiliating" exercise drills in what prosecutors say amounted to a campaign of "torture".

At the time of his death, Sebastian had been in the UK for less than a year after moving from Poland to live with his mother and her partner.

Prosecutors say the abuse by the couple was captured on CCTV cameras they had installed at their house to monitor the teeanger.

Credit: ITV News

Jurors have heard the footage, seized from the house after Sebastian's death, shows him "being attacked, principally and most severely by Latoszewski but with his mother being involved at various times".

The prosecution's case is that both defendants are guilty of murder because "both of them acted together to inflict the fatal injuries on Sebastian as a course of conduct".

Sebastian, who attended Huddersfield North Trust School, was described as a "model student" by staff.

Stepfather was 'head of the house'

But Latoszewski has told the court that Sebastian was being "punished" for repeatedly lying, playing truant from school.

Kalinowska contradicted those claims, saying Sebastian as a "good child" and said Latoszewski's claims to his school that he was "naughty and lying" were not true.

Asked whose decision it was to start punishing Sebastian, she said: "Andrzej's, because he was the head of the house and he was deciding everything."

The court was shown one CCTV clip of Kalinowska kicking out at Sebastian as Latoszewski beat him.

She said: "Andrzej told me to do something. He said I was just standing there and as his mother I should have intervened."

Asked why she was using her weight on Sebastian's leg during another clip of him being assaulted by Latoszewski, Kalinowska replied: "Because Andrzej told me to, he told me to hold Sebastian and because I was petrified I was just doing what Andrzej told me to do."

Kalinowska admitted calling Sebastian "foul and disgusting names", saying it was "because I was used to those words, because those were the words Andrzej used to address me, so that type of language was being used in the house."

Asked about a recording of her shouting at Sebastian, she said Latoszewski had installed an app to "record every single conversation on my phone" and she "wanted Andrzej to know I was disciplining Sebastian in the way he expected me to do".

As Sebastian's punishments became more severe, Mr Smith asked, "Did you ever think, this has gone too far, I have to save my child?"

Kalinowska was tearful as she replied, "No."

The court heard Kalinowska had Sebastian when she was 19 years old, and that he had lived with her until the age of four, when she moved to the UK "to earn money to improve Sebastian's life".

Sebastian then went to live with his biological father, it was said.

Kalinowska said she met Latoszewski through friends and he offered her "this better life in the UK".

She told the court they started a relationship after she moved to England, but that it was "not a good relationship," and that Latoszewski started "controlling me and then beating me up" after around two years.

Kalinowska said she brought Sebastian to the UK in 2020 "because I wanted him with me".

The trial continues.

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