Jacques O'Neill leaves ITV's Love Island after friction with Adam Collard

Jacques O'Neill from Love Island
Jacques O'Neill left after a turbulent few days. Credit: ITV/Love Island

Jacques O'Neill has left Love Island after admitting: "I could get hurt."

The rugby league player, who has been involved with fellow contestant Paige Thorne, was seen on Tuesday's episode struggling to come to terms with the arrival of Adam Collard in the villa.

It is Adam's second appearance on Love Island, after he also took part in the 2018 series. Jacques was released by Super League side Castleford Tigers to appear in this year's show.

Friction between Adam and "hot head" Jacques started when Adam took Paige aside for a conversation, during which he was said to have commented on Jacques' immaturity.

Adam Collard. Credit: ITV

Jacques, 23, confronted Paige, asking: "Has Adam been slagging me off?"

He later challenged Adam himself, saying: "What's your game plan?"

Adam later told the cameras: "Jacques has lost his head. It's hot out here but 'icy' is an understatement."

Geordie Adam, 26, had arrived on the show on Monday's episode, with fellow contestants remarking on how happy Paige seemed while talking to him and saying that Jacques was sure to be "so intimidated".

Paige Thorne. Credit: ITV

Adam and Paige were later seen cosying up by the pool together discussing "boyfriend material" and the need to "train boys up" to be in a relationship.

On tonight's episode Jacques was seen admitting to Paige that he was "struggling". He told her: "You're too good for me. It's gonna break me. You've had the best of me and now you're getting the worst of me."

He later said: "I feel like I could be hurt here. In life I would rather get away from things than get hurt."

Paige was then seen questioning whether the two of them had a future. She said: "Is Jacques meeting all my standards right now? No he's not... what could have been could have been really special but his actions are not up to scratch."

In a tearful exchange with Paige, Jacques told her: "You mean so much to me."

But he added: "I wish I could finish my journey off with you but I'm gonna go home today."

He said: "I just want to get home and be myself again."

And he told fellow contestants: "For me and Paige to work I need to be at my best."