Jacques O'Neil returns to Castleford Tigers after quitting Love Island

Castleford have the option to re-sign O'Neill if he decides to return to rugby league. Credit: Instagram

Jacques O'Neill has dropped in on his former rugby club Castleford Tigers after quitting Love Island in dramatic fashion.

The 23-year-old player announced his departure from the ITV2 reality show on Tuesday, explaining to his fellow islanders that he needed to "get back to himself".

It followed friction with fellow contestant Adam Collard and a turbulent relationship with Welsh paramedic Paige Thorne.

During a press conference, Tigers head coach Lee Radford confirmed O'Neill had visited the Super League club during a training session on Wednesday morning.

He said: "He's been in this morning to see the boys. I don't know who dressed him, I think he's come in fancy dress today, but no he's come in to say hi to the lads.

"The boys were really pleased to see him."

Jacques O'Neill in action for Castleford Tigers. Credit: PA

Days before entering the villa, Castleford confirmed they had released the hooker from his contract to be on the reality show, with the option to re-sign him if he wanted to resume his rugby league career.

But Radford joked: "I think he'll want to make a couple of million first and then maybe dip his toe into rugby league, we'll have to see.

"He seemed pretty busy this morning, he was on the phone a fair bit."

He added: "It's not something we've spoken about, obviously it only happened last night, he flew home last night.

"He looked jaded, he'd had no sleep, obviously all the euphoria of doing what he's been doing, I suppose, that's probably a conversation for further down the line, I think."

Jacques O'Neill left Castleford Tigers to join Love Island last month.

During an emotional final episode on Love Island, O'Neill broke down in tears as he admitted he was "struggling".

Speaking about his mental health, Radford said: "Like any walk of life there are obstacles in front of you, unfortunately. Making sure people are around you, whether that be your family or club related, to help you deal with that, is pretty important."

He added: "Criticism you tend to keep it within yourself and use it as a motivator, I think that's a generational thing.

"I think its more open and spoke about now than it probably ever has been. I think I am probably from a different generation."

O'Neill, from Cumbria, is the ex-partner of former Liverpool striker Michael Owen's daughter, Gemma, and before entering the villa, he said that he falls in love "quick".