Neeka Atkinson 'will never be the same' after injury at Hull's Archbishop Sentamu Academy

Neeka Atkinson
Neeka Atkinson has been moved back to Hull after treatment in Leeds. Credit: Family handout.

Pictured in a wheelchair in hospital as she continues her recovery, Neeka Atkinson's smiles mask the fact that she may never recover from the brain injury she suffered at school.

The 13-year-old was placed in an induced coma after she started vomiting and lost consciousness following an incident allegedly involving a boy she knew at Archbishop Sentamu Academy in Hull on 8 July.

Neeka has had surgery and is now undergoing rehabilitation, but is struggling to regain movement after her left side was paralysed.

A teenage boy was arrested over the incident on 8 July and is on bail.

Meawnhile Neeka is making progress, but her family say she may never fully recover.

Her sister Alisha said: "Her left arm and leg still need a lot of time to get back to normal but she’s fighting it every single day.

"People have to remember that... she will never be the same person again."

Neeka was placed in an induced coma after the incident.

Following the incident, a report was published by the education watchdog Ofsted, which rated the school as "inadequate".

In their report inspectors, who visited the school in May – before the incident happened – raised concerns about pupil behaviour.

A number of parents had planned an anti-bullying protest on the last day of the summer term last week, prompting the school to close a day early after it was "strongly advised" by police to shut over "safety" concerns.

Archbishop Sentamu Academy in Hull

A crowdfunding page set up to support Neeka's recovery has now raised more than £11,000. Having been treated in Leeds, Neeka is now back in Hull, but will continue to travel to Leeds for treatment.Alisha said: "She was in a coma fighting for her life only two weeks ago and she has not just physically, but mentally, endured something that no person, never mind a young girl, should ever have to go through."

Neeka Atkinson before her injury. Credit: MEN Media

She added: "Thank you again for all your ongoing support and kind messages, it really hasn’t gone unnoticed."