Huddersfield mum's hacks on how to feed kids on a budget

Stacey Victoria posts her cheap meals on Instagram
Stacey Victoria Credit: Instagram

A Yorkshire mum is amassing a growing social media following after passing on the tips that have helped feed her family-of-four for an average of just over £5 a day.Mother-of-two Stacey Victoria's Instagram account, branded "eating fresh on a budget", claims she is combating the rising cost of living by spending £1.33-a-head on meals.She swears by reduced-price labels on food that is nearing its sell-by date, as well as discount coupons, and says she is always looking for the next bargain. It comes after she and her partner, Kyle, saw their gas and electricity bills for their home in Huddersfield rise from around £193 to £296 a month.

She said: "People who are nervous, that's exactly how I was because I didn't like change. People can easily get stuck in their ways and they are scared to change, however, I'm always here to help people no matter what time I will always help my best."The rising costs of everything have affected me massively and have given me more of a drive to cut costs even more than I already have."

Stacey says she is left with around £27 a week after bills are paid, meaning that she has to count every penny.

Her family is among a growing number of households facing huge pressure as inflation rises and energy bills spiral.

Average energy costs are expected to reach around £3,500 a year in October, increasing to £3,850 in January.

Stacey's 13,000 Instagram followers see posts showing tomato soup made for 7p a portion and potato and broccoli soup for around 12p a bowl.

Other hacks include pickling left over vegetables to add as a side to meals and swilling out empty ketchup bottles and using the remnants for sauces and pickles.

She added: "I like to shop around for yellow sticker items, and I've managed to get everything from a turkey crown reduced from £40 for £1.99, to milk for 13 pence and fresh chicken for £1.12."

Stacey Victoria's daughter. Credit: Stacey Victoria/Instagram

Stacey is now offering tips on how to entertain children on a budget during the summer holiday after finding imaginative activities for her daughters, Emily and Isabelle.

She said they have enjoyed upcycling waste items from the recycling bin to use as art tools, and have hosted outdoor tent sleepovers.

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