Masked intruder breaks into Grimsby Crematorium tearoom 3 weeks after opening

Tear room at Grimsby crematorium was broken into by masked intruder
Nothing appeared to have been taken from the Reflections Tea Room Credit: North East Lincolnshire Council

Police are investigating a break-in by a masked intruder at a tearoom at Grimsby Crematorium, only three weeks after it was opened.

The man was caught on camera in the early hours of Thursday 18 August, and can be seen riding his bike across neighbouring fields before walking around the outside of the newly-renovated café.

After throwing something through the window, he went to the kitchen before leaving, but nothing appears to have been stolen from the premises.

The tearoom at Grismby Crematorium only opened three weeks ago Credit: North East Lincolnshire Council

Cllr Stewart Swinburn described the act as "despicable" and said lots of hard work had gone into getting the Reflections Tea Room up and running.

He said: "It's such a shame that someone thought they'd ruin it for the sake of whatever they were hoping to find."