Man charged with possession of machete in Leeds stop-and-search

Police were called to Harehills on Wednesday night following an armed confrontation

A Leeds man has been charged with possession of a machete after he was arrested by police using increased stop-and-search powers in the city.

The 42 year old, from Chapeltown, was stopped by officers on Bexley Terrace in Harehills on Wednesday night.

Earlier in the day West Yorkshire Police had put in place increased stop-and-search powers after they attended an armed confrontation in the street on Tuesday evening.

There were no reports of injuries at the time.

The new powers allowed police to stop-and-search people in the Harehills area without the usual grounds to suspect an offence.

The area covered by increased stop-and-search powers in Harehills Credit: West Yorkshire Police

Fourteen stop searches were carried out in the area, two of which saw suspects dealt with for possession of cannabis.

The third saw the 42 year-old man arrested on suspicion of possession of a machete and two kitchen knives, as well as possession of crack cocaine and cannabis.

Leeds District Commander, Chief Superintendent Steve Dodds said: “The positive use that officers have made of the Section 60 powers since they were brought in yesterday clearly illustrates the value of this tactic in support of our work to target those involved in carrying weapons.

“We will be continuing to focus increased attention on the area to disrupt, deter and bring to justice those who involve themselves in this type of criminal behaviour, while maintaining our strong links with our key community representatives who are supportive of our aims.”