Teenager Kieran Scott jailed after killing Hull man Daniel Thomas with single punch

Keiran Scott pleaded guilty to manslaughter at Hull Crown Court

A 19-year-old man who killed a man with a single punch in an unprovoked attack has been jailed.

Kieran Scott, lashed out at Daniel "Mark" Thomas, while Mr Thomas was sitting on a bench on Sherburn Street in Hull on June 14 this year.

Hull Crown Court heard Scott was annoyed at him for "getting lairy" with him and being "cheeky".

The 53-year-old known by those close to him as ‘Mark’, was taken to hospital to receive treatment, but never regained consciousness and died two days later because of a bleed on his brain.

Daniel Thomas known as Mark died from a bleed on his brain

Scott of Homethorpe in Hull appeared at Hull Crown Court on Friday 18 September and pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

He was originally accused of murder but the prosecution accepted his guilty plea to the lesser offence.

Richard Thompson, prosecuting, said Mr Thomas was sitting on a bench with a can of cider in his hand. 

A woman was standing talking to him but he was being "quite argumentative" with her, the court heard.Two men, including Scott, approached and asked Mr Thomas, the woman, and another man if they wanted anything - which they assumed to mean drugs - but they all declined. Mr Thompson said: "Without warning, he (Scott) struck the fatal blow with his right hand to the head of the deceased." The blow was "unprovoked and completely unexpected" and landed on the left cheek of Mr Thomas with an "audible thud", the court heard. Mr Thompson said: "They were both laughing and did not look back. The deceased fell sideways onto the bench and started then to drop to the floor."

Mr Thomas was unresponsive when paramedics arrived and he was taken to Hull Royal Infirmary. It was found that he had suffered a bleed on the brain, which could not be operated on. He was initially put in an induced coma while further medical tests were performed.The following day, his family was told that the prognosis was very poor and, on June 16, life support was withdrawn. He had never regained consciousness after the assault.

Kieran Scott told police he punched Mr Thomas once in his face because he was being cheeky to him

Judge John Thackray KC said Mr Thomas was "absolutely no threat" to Scott whatsoever and the attack was "completely unprovoked and unexpected". 

Scott, who has convictions for 20 previous offences, including assault and affray in September 2018, was sentenced to six years in prison. Senior investigating officer Detective Chief Inspector Nicole Elliott said: “This was a tragic case of a one-punch manslaughter.

The sudden loss of Mark at the age of 53 has been devastating for his family. Mark posed no threat to Kieran Scott and showed no aggression, yet Scott chose to punch him on the head, causing fatal injuries.

“Scott will now have to live with the consequences of his actions, whilst Mark’s family tries to adjust to life without their loved one.

“This case should serve as a warning to others of the consequences of violence and highlight the real dangers of aggression of this nature: there is a real risk of death occurring, regardless of the intention at the time. "