Experts question claims video shows crocodiles off coast of Filey

  • Video courtesy of Sarah Craven

A woman who was on holiday with her family has filmed what she believes are crocodiles in the sea off the Yorkshire coast.

Sarah Craven was staying at Blue Dolphin caravan park in Filey when she claims she saw the large creatures "swimming" through the water.

Miss Craven said: "We had gone for a walk up on the cliffs to take the boys to see the sea when my son shouted 'there’s crocodiles down there'.

"I was thinking crocodiles can’t live in our seas, surely not. We looked down and said 'oh my god, they actually are crocodiles'.

"We were in total awe of what we were seeing."

Marine animals, including dolphins and even minke whales, have been spotted in the area before, but never a crocodile.

Miss Craven posted the video on Facebook, leading to some questioning her account.

But she told ITV News: "Everyone I spoke to thought I was mad and said they were rocks, seals, pilot whales or floating debris.

"I know it wasn't. I saw what I saw, and my fiancé and and two step-children saw it too.

"I saw front and back legs swimming at the side of two large crocodiles or alligators, and the long pointed tails were swishing behind them."

However, Dr Angela Julian from the Amphibian and Reptile Groups of the UK, refuted her claims. She said: "These are definitely not crocodiles.

"It is extremely unlikely we would be seeing such tropical species in the North Sea.

"I had entertained the idea they might be seals or walruses, plastic crocodiles or even floating debris. But having viewed the clip and stills, myself and my colleagues are agreed they are semi-submerged rocks."

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