New trolling law to be named after Zach Eagling after online epilepsy bullying

  • Video report by Jon Hill.

An 11-year-old from West Yorkshire who was targeted by internet bullies is set to make history with a new law in his name which could see trolls jailed for up to five years.

Zach Eagling, from Liversedge, has autism and cerebral palsy but defied his conditions to walk 130 laps of his garden for charity two years ago.

After the challenge he was targeted by hundreds of bullies online.

This week he has been in Westminster after he persuaded the government to bring in a new law to fine or even jail the online trolls who deliberately target those with epilepsy.

His mum Claire Keer said: "The bill has been printed. There are a few more stages to go but the reality of it actually becoming law some point next year is fast becoming a reality now.

"There's laws to protect people being attacked on the streets. This will now protect people from being attacked over a phone screen and accessing social media."

The online abuse Zach received followed a charity walk he completed two years ago Credit: Mobile phone footage

The new law comes after Zach won a Yorkshire Children of Courage Award recently.

Speaking about the online trolls, he told ITV News: "They're sick, sick and twisted. They're nasty bullies. Completely out of order."

The family's campaign to change the law has been supported by their local MP Kim Leadbeater as well as politicians from all parties.

Ms Leadbeater said: "It's difficult to believe there are people who would intentionally send flashing images to give someone an epileptic fit.

"It's unbelievable it happens but sadly it does happen, but it will make a huge difference for people like Zach and young people and adults going online and knowing they can do safely."

It is hoped Zach's Law will come into force in 2023.