King Charles III visits York and Doncaster on second day of Yorkshire tour

Doncaster visitor book signed by King Charles
Eggs were thrown at the King in York before he conferred city status on Doncaster. Credit: PA

Follow the latest updates as King Charles III spends a second day in Yorkshire, for the first time since ascending the throne.


  • The end of the King's visit to Yorkshire

King Charles III and Camilla, the Queen Consort, have left Yorkshire after an eventful two days in the county. Here are some of the striking images from his tour:

The King and Queen Consort held an unplanned walkabout in Doncaster. Credit: PA
The King speaks to Ben Parkinson at Mansion House in Doncaster. Credit: PA
The King at the unveiling of a statue of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, at York Minster Credit: Jacob King/PA
A man was held after eggs were thrown at the King and Queen Consort. Credit: PA

A broken egg on the street after it was thrown at Charles and Camilla Credit: Jacob King/PA
The King greets crowds in Leeds. Credit: PA
King Charles gets a warm welcome from the crowds in Centenary Square in Bradford. Credit: PA
Staff line the stairwells and balconies of the Morrisons HQ. Credit: PA


  • King's message to Doncaster

After conferring city status on Doncaster, King Charles signed a visitors' book. The message carried the date, Wednesday 9 November 2022, and read: "On the occasion of a visit to the Mansion House, Doncaster, by His Royal Highness King Charles III and the Queen Consort for the presentation of the Letters Patent conferring Doncaster city status."

Credit: PA


  • King wishes Doncaster 'success for the next 2,000 years'

The King has wished Doncaster "every possible success for the next 2,000 years" as he conferred city status at Mansion House.

In his speech, His Majesty said: “The warmth of the welcome we have received today is all that we have come to expect in a county which is renowned for its sense of belonging and its feeling of community.

"It is something which all who know this wonderful part of the world will recognise instantly and can never forget.

"Here in Doncaster, you have, of course, a great deal of which to be proud: from your Roman origins 2,000 years ago to your crucial role in the Industrial Revolution and in the creation of this nation’s railway network, to the pre-eminent place you occupy in the horse-racing world.

"For all those reasons, and many, many more, it is entirely fitting that Doncaster should be chosen as one of the new cities created to celebrate the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

"We mark that occasion now in memory of my beloved mother’s lifelong dedication to all that is best about our country. She would, I know, be immensely glad that this honour should be conferred on a place where it is so richly deserved."

Doncaster was one of eight places given city status as part of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations.


  • King meets Britain's most injured veteran

King Charles met Ben Parkinson, who is widely recognised as Britain's most injured surviving serviceman, during a reception in Doncaster.

The King and Queen Consort were meeting charity volunteers at an event marking the conferral of city status on Doncaster.

The King speaks to Ben Parkinson at Mansion House in Doncaster. Credit: PA

Ben, 38, who spoke to the King, later said it was "a waste of an egg" when he was told by reporters that eggs had been thrown at the royals in York.

Andrew Dernie, Ben’s stepfather, added: "You’re always going to get one."

Mr Dernie said the King remembered giving an MBE to Ben, who lost both legs in Afghanistan, and asked how his walking was.

Ben suffered 37 separate injuries, including a broken spine and brain damage, after his vehicle was blown up in Helmand Province in 2006.


  • North Yorkshire Police confirm details of egging arrest

North Yorkshire Police have confirmed that a man is being questioned after eggs were thrown at the King and Queen Consort in York.

In a statement, the force said there was a "well-rehearsed security operation" in place to ensure the safety of Their Majesties.

A 23-year-old man was arrested on a suspicion of a public order offence.

Police commander Charlotte Bloxham said: "I’m pleased to report that the policing operation and the overall wider visit was successful today.

"An enormous amount of planning and preparation goes into visits of this nature. I would like to thank all the officers and staff that supported today’s operation."


  • Crowds welcome King to Doncaster

The King has greeted crowds outside Mansion House in Doncaster, where he is conferring the city status granted by his late mother, Queen Elizabeth.

Doncaster was one of eight places given city status as part of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

It was highlighted for its rich history, royal links and community spirit, as demonstrated during the devastating floods in 2019.

The King spent six minutes meeting well-wishers in an unplanned walkabout.

He and the Queen Consort met officials in Mansion House, where the King officially conferred city status on Doncaster in a ceremony.

Charles and Camilla then attended a reception with a menu which included free range egg and watercress sandwiches.


  • Pictures of man being arrested after egging incident

A man has been arrested after eggs were thrown at the King and Queen Consort on his visit to York.

Pictures from the scene show him being taken away by uniformed officers.

The man was held on the ground before being taken away. Credit: PA
The man was taken away from the scene. Credit: PA


  • Statue of late Queen unveiled by King Charles

The King has unveiled a statue of his mother, Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth, outside York Minster.


  • Footage shows man being arrested

More footage from Micklegate Bar in York shows a man being arrested after eggs were thrown at the King and Queen Consort.


  • BREAKING: Eggs thrown at King and Queen Consort

A man has been detained by police after eggs appeared to be thrown at King Charles during a visit to York.

The King and Camilla, the Queen Consort, were entering the city through Micklegate Bar on Wednesday when a number of eggs were thrown from the crowd.

A man was detained at the scene. Credit: PA

Footage appeared to show four eggs narrowly missing His Majesty and breaking on the road nearby.

Several police officers were seen restraining the suspect on the ground behind temporary fencing set up in the city for the King’s visit.


The York Guard gather ahead of the arrival of Their Majesties.

The York Guard await the King's arrival. Credit: PA


  • Minster bells hail King's arrival

The bells of York Minster rang out as the city prepared to welcome the King and the Queen Consort.

Outside the Minster, among the crowd in their official regalia, are Master of the Butchers Guild Anne smith, Master of the Guild of Freemen of York Hazel Hague and Eileen Forth, Past Master of the Guild of Freemen of York

Credit: ITV News


  • Crowds building in York

Crowds are gathering behind the barriers, near Micklegate Bar, in York, ahead of the arrival of the King and Queen Consort.

York City Council said anyone wanting to catch a glimpse of Their Majesties should "make sure you head in soon".

Meanwhile, outside the Minster, Jones, a border terrier, is ready and waiting, complete with his regal dog collar.

Jones the dog awaits the arrival of King Charles in York. Credit: ITV News


  • What happened yesterday?

On Tuesday, the King held four official engagements across Bradford and Leeds. In Bradford he visited the headquarters of Morrisons, before being greeted by crowds and a band playing both brass and bhangra music in Centenary Square. He then attended a reception with young leaders at City Hall.

His Majesty then travelled to Leeds, where crowds welcomed him outside the art gallery and library. He looked around an exhibition examining the history of the global slave trade before going to the head office of the Leeds Building Society, where he unveiled a plaque marking the building's opening.

Here are some of the striking images from a momentous day:

Staff line the stairwells and balconies of the Morrisons HQ. Credit: PA
King Charles gets a warm welcome from the crowds in Centenary Square in Bradford. Credit: PA
King Charles meets boxer Safiyyah Syeed in Bradford. Credit: PA
The King greets crowds in Leeds. Credit: PA
King Charles III is shown The World Reimagined Globes during a visit to Leeds Central Library and Art Gallery. Credit: PA


  • What's the weather like for the King's visit?

There will be a mixture of sunshine and showers, which could be heavy and thundery at times, particularly on Wednesday morning. It will be mostly dry in the afternoon, with sunny spells continuing and a maximum temperature 13C.

Here's Kerrie Gosney with the forecast:


  • What's on the King's agenda on Wednesday?

After visiting Bradford and Leeds on Tuesday, the King will be joined by Camilla, the Queen Consort, for official engagements in York and Doncaster on Thursday.

Starting the day in York, Their Majesties will be welcomed with a special ceremony at Micklegate Bar – the most important of York’s gateways.

Last carried out in 2012 when Queen Elizabeth II and The Duke of Edinburgh entered the city to attend the Maundy Service at York Minster, the ceremony will be initiated by the Lord Mayor, who will invite His Majesty to approach the sword and mace bearers at the gate at MIcklegate Bar.

The King will touch the sword and the sword bearer will then turn the sword while the mace bearer will turn the mace. Once the sword and mace bearers stand aside Their Majesties, escorted by the Lord Mayor, will enter the city through the gateway.

Queen Elizabeth enters York at a special ceremony in 2012. Credit: PA

They will then attend a short service at York Minster. Following the service His Majesty will unveil a statute of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Road closures in York

The King and Queen Consort will arrive in York late morning on Wednesday and depart early afternoon.

The following roads are affected: Micklegate Bar, Priory Lane, Trinity Lane, Barker Lane and St Martin Lane (9.30am-11.30am); routes around Tadcaster Road will be closed as the King and Queen Consort enter the city around 10.30am; Duncombe Place (9.30am-1pm); routes along the A19 will be affected by temporary road closures for around 10-15minutes as the King and Queen Consort leave York in the early afternoon.

Barriers have been installed at Micklegate Bar and Duncombe Place.

Having left York, Their Majesties will travel to Doncaster, which was granted city status by the King's late mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Their Majesties will arrive at Mansion House, where the King will formally confer city status and make a short speech.

After the ceremony, Their Majesties will attend a reception in the Mansion House banquet hall, where they will meet a range of local groups and individuals including voluntary groups, representatives from a dementia support charity and young people supported by The Prince’s Trust Doncaster.

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