Humberside Police diver jumps into icy pond to highlight dangers

The officer who entered the pond was wearing advanced diving equipment Credit: Humberside Police

A police diver has intentionally broken the ice on a frozen pond and jumped in to highlight the dangers of walking on frozen water.

Humberside Police shared pictures of a member of the force's Underwater Search Team who was wearing diving equipment while submerged up to his chest.

They say he walked on to the pond and the ice broke beneath him, showing how unstable and thin it can be.

Firefighters in South Yorkshire said they were concerned after spotting footsteps on a frozen lake in Doncaster Credit: South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue

It comes as police forces and fire services across our region have been urging people not to walk on ice after the death of four boys who fell into a frozen lake in Solihull.

Superintendent Lee Edwards from Humberside Police said: "Bodies of frozen water may look like fun places to play, but can become potentially lethal for those who venture onto the ice.

"Lakes, ponds and certain stretches of rivers may look as if they will support the weight of people or animals, but sadly that is not always the case. The added hazards are the slippery banks and the ice-cold temperature of the water should an incident occur."

Humberside Police's Underwater Search Unit has been patrolling bodies of water across the region to warn members of the public about the dangers of extremely cold and frozen water.