Police renew appeal on birthday of missing Barnsley man Richard Dyson

Richard Dyson, 56, from Barnsley
Richard Dyson was 54-years-old when he vanished in 2019 Credit: South Yorkshire Police

Police have renewed an appeal to try to find a man who went missing more than three years ago.

Richard Dyson's family are facing a fourth birthday without him on Christmas Eve after he vanished in Barnsley in November 2019.

South Yorkshire Police says it still is not clear what happened to Richard, although detectives have said previously they think he may have been murdered.

A number of arrests have been made in connection with his disappearance but none have led to charges.

Richard's daughter has previously made emotional appeals for information.

She said: "It breaks my heart over and over again."

"I would always see Dad on his birthday. He’d bring me my Christmas presents and my card and I would give him his birthday and Christmas presents and his card. He’d always pick me up at about 6pm and he’d drive me to my aunt’s house for a Christmas dinner and we’d stay there a while.

"It was such a happy time of the year, and now I dread it and I can’t enjoy it anymore."

Richard was last seen on CCTV at a petrol station on 16th November 2019

Temporary DCI Andy Knowles, leading the investigation, said: "Somebody knows where he is, and we hope that they might now come forward to bring this ordeal to an end for Bethany and everyone who knows and loves Richard.

"If Richard is reading this, please come forward and let us know where you are. You will not be in trouble and you will be bringing such a huge piece of mind to your friends and family."

Police want anyone with information to call 101.