Grimsby man breached restraining order by getting into bed with ex-partner

Casey Coggin, 25, of Frederick Street, Grimsby, admitted assaulting his ex and breaching a three-year restraining order when he entered her home and attacked her on November 18 last year.
Casey Coggin, 25, entered her home on November 18 last year. Credit: MEN Media

A woman woke up to find her abusive ex-boyfriend lying next to her in bed – despite an order banning him from contacting her.

Casey Coggin, 25, of Frederick Street, in Grimsby, was given a three-year restraining order in January last year after assaulting the woman.

But on 18 November he sent her several text messages demanding to be let in to her home.

Hull Crown Court heard that the woman woke up and found him next to her the following morning.

She told Coggin to leave but he refused and threw a bottle of lager at her. He went on to smash her television, a glass-mirror table top and ornaments.

Marc Luxford, prosecuting, said: "She ran out of the property fearing for her safety and called the police."

Coggin had previously been convicted of assaulting the same woman and given a one-year suspended prison sentence after an incident on 19 June 2021.

On that occasion, she was in the bath when Coggin punched her in the head, dislodging a tooth filling. He then pulled her out of the flat by her hair and punched her several times in the head.

After the incident in November, Coggin later voluntarily handed himself into police in Hull. He admitted being aware of the restraining order but denied going to the woman's home and claimed he did not have a mobile phone to send her messages.

But he later admitted assaulting the woman and breaching a three-year restraining order.

His defence lawyer in court argued that the relationship had continued consensually.

Judge Kate Rayfield told Coggin that he had deliberately planned to breach the contact ban and he had caused very serious harm or distress. He had assaulted "exactly the same person" as was involved in the previous assault where he was given the suspended sentence."I don't know why you behave in the way you do, whether it's drink or drug-related, or it's just that you can't control your temper," said Judge Rayfield.

Coggin was jailed for 18 months.