Owners of Doncaster Sheffield Airport reject council offer to buy site

 Doncaster Sheffield Airport lit up in colour
Ros Jones says the airport's owners have have proposed a potential leasehold sale. Credit: PA

The Mayor of Doncaster says the owners of Doncaster Sheffield Airport have rejected another offer to buy the site.

Ros Jones says Doncaster Council recently approached The Peel Group to discuss the potential freehold purchase of the site, which they declined.

She explained the owners have instead proposed a potential leasehold sale, which Doncaster Council is considering.

The airport was closed in November last year after the owners said it was no longer financially viable.

Bosses blamed a combination of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and a shortfall in passengers numbers.

The airport closed in November 2022

Wizz Air and Tui were the two airlines which operated out of the airport, with the final flight touching down on the runway on 4 November 2022.

There's since been uncertainty around its future, with a number of offers and attempts to keep it open being rejected.

In a statement the Mayor of Doncaster, Ros Jones, said she's committed to seeing the site reopen: "I am a firm believer that Doncaster Sheffield Airport can and should be a success, the last six months has seen our great airport close, and I am committed to seeing it reopen.

"I am keen to avoid a costly legal battle if at all possible – but I am resolute in my determination to deliver on the mandate that Full Council provided in November, and the residents and businesses of Doncaster who agree with me that we need an airport for the benefit of the City, South Yorkshire region and beyond.

"That is why as a council we recently approached Peel to discuss the potential freehold purchase of the DSA site, which would secure its future ahead of the formalised Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) process, and would make the transaction considerably easier and quicker.

"Unfortunately, Peel declined this approach, however they have proposed a potential leasehold sale, which we are considering, whilst we continue with the preparatory stages of a CPO."

ITV Calendar has approached The Peel Group for a comment.

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